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North County Recycling Services

Accepted Recycling Materials

North County Recycling is permitted to accept all construction and demolition material, including wood, drywall, and metal, as well as cardboard, concrete, asphalt and brick. These materials may be mixed but there is a substantial cost savings if separated. We also accept green waste from the public and commingled recyclables from curbside hauling programs.

Recycling Pricing

Description Price
Construction & Demolition Materials (Mixed)
Volume discounts available
Wood Waste (Clean, wood only)
Pallets, crates, construction wood, OSB and wood with nails are acceptable. Absolutely no railroad ties or telephone poles. No green, brown, or cresol treated wood will be accepted. 2 feet in diameter maximum.
Green Waste (Clean, green waste only) $45/ton
Drywall $60/ton
Solid Inert Material (Concrete, Asphalt, Brick) $25/ton
Trash $63/ton

All Appliances

**No freezers or refrigerators due to Freon

Metal (Clean, metal only) No Charge
Cardboard $25/ton